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Meeting with Women in Demnate Municipality

byBouchra Zine
onFebruary 26, 2022

On February 5, 2022, Family Literacy team members held a group meeting with four cooperatives in the Demnate municipality. These cooperatives are made up of a group of some women who are educated and some who have not gone to school because their parents “do not believe that girls should go to school,” said Lalla Hada, President of Takchrirt Co-op.

The women were very enthusiastic about starting the literacy program, the technical workshops, and the Imagine empowerment workshops as well. They proved it by showing up before the appointed time, despite the distances.

The meeting was organized with the help of Mr. Said, director of the Demnat craft complex. The team applied the participatory approach to community dialogues, and the result is that all these women expressed that they have the same dream about the future of their cooperative.

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