Youth & Students

Youth & Students

Youth and Students

We strive for Moroccan youth to learn about, experience, and contribute to their local ecosystems and encourage a thoughtful, global approach to environmentalism.

A Multi-layered Approach

Our youth and student programs are rooted in a commitment to fostering a love of and care for the natural world in the next generation. Our vision merges environmental regeneration with engaged, motivated students who are interested in and excited about the world they live in.

In many areas, access to education is still a challenge. We seek to address the present state of the Moroccan school system and support students by addressing their needs, strengthening their capacities, and working towards equitable and effective education strategies.

Current Projects

Over the years, we've engaged Morrocan youth in a variety of ways. Here are some of the programs we're implementing right now. 

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Youth Conservation Corps

Our partnership with the United States Forest Service for the pilot program of YCC Morocco provides a residency program for young Moroccans to learn new skills and build capacity for environmental stewardship and advocacy.

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Legal Clinic

Our legal clinic program gives university students from leading Moroccan law schools real-world practice, providing free legal aid to underserved communities in Marrakech, Fes, and Oujda. 

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Environmental Education

We provide engaging, hands-on workshops to schools around Morocco where students have the opportunity to not only learn about the environment, but understand the value of becoming responsible, engaged stewards of their ecosystems in the present and future. 

"This is the first time for me not to feel excited about a “holiday” because all I want is to spend most of my time involved with HAF and the activities carried out."Student
"The collaboration between the High Atlas Foundation and American Academy Casablanca has been a transformative experience for our IB students. [...] The workshop at the Akrich Nursery not only educated our students about the foundation's impactful work but also provided them with a hands-on opportunity to contribute alongside dedicated volunteers. We look forward to continuing this meaningful collaboration."Ms. Hannah, IB CAS Coordinator, American Academy Casablanca
“I’m nine years old, and this is the first time I’ve ever planted a tree. I’m so happy to attend the tree planting event, and now I want to go home and plant more trees. Shokran!”Student participant in Sami’s Project
“Describing the [Legal Clinic] experience feels inadequate. It not only honed our communication skills but also ignited a passion for volunteering and aiding vulnerable communities. This journey made us feel like genuine contributors to society, fostering a deep-seated desire to continue making a positive impact.”Student participant in the Legal Clinic
"Thanks to the [Legal Clinic] program, I now feel more prepared and confident to contribute positively to the work of associations and support civil society in various capacities."Student participant in the Legal Clinic

Measurable Outcomes

Discover the benefits communities have experienced from our work with youth and students.

People walking along a mountainside


carob, olive, pomegranate, fig, almond, walnut, and argan trees planted with the pilot YCC program


Moroccan youth from different regions (half being young women and girls) participated in Be Green, an Earth Day series of workshops at the Casablanca American Space, Dar America


trees planted with nearly 350 schools in 22 provinces in partnership with PaperSeed Foundation, International Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Embassy of Switzerland in Rabat, and G4S North and West Africa


fruit trees monitored by 5 YCC fellows with approximately 230 farming families in 13 provinces

Our Other Programs

High Atlas Foundation supports a variety of sustainable development projects within Moroccan communities that may interest you.

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Get Involved

We invite you to be part of a new era of sustainable development across Morocco. Explore additional ways to become involved in our work.

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