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Since 2000, we have led agricultural and cultural preservation projects that provide ongoing benefits to communities.

Leading Sustainable Development

The High Atlas Foundation is a Moroccan association and United States (501c3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable community development of Morocco. Since 2011, HAF has held Consultancy Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Currently, we work with communities across Morocco on several active projects. Our 15 nurseries continue to produce more than two million saplings each year that support agricultural development in 50+ provinces.

Since 2003, we have planted over 5 million trees in partnership with farmers, cooperatives, and schools. We retain partnerships in our tree-planting sites and provide ongoing support, regularly monitoring trees to ensure successful, effective projects.

This rigorous monitoring system is integral to our carbon offset program. We are establishing a pathway for financial sustainability by linking smallholding Moroccan farmers to the voluntary carbon market, providing an avenue for reliable, diversified income that encourages sustainable land management practices.

Women’s empowerment is at the heart of everything we do, and every project begins with intentionally supporting women as they pursue personal and communal goals.

Since 2016, our projects have typically started with a community IMAGINE workshop that encourages and equips women to expand their confidence and self-agency while identifying personal goals and priorities. Nearly 3,000 women have participated in 200 workshops around the country. As a result, many participants have assumed key leadership roles in development projects.

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Far-Reaching Impact

In the 2022-23 season alone, the High Atlas Foundation supported the planting of 1,100,000 trees, benefiting 5,500 farming families. Click on any location to explore a specific project.

A Multidimensional Approach to Community Development

We provide a variety of programs that address many aspects of development and create the greatest impact.

5 Million+trees planted in partnership with farming communities
3,000Women engaged through IMAGINE empowerment workshops
35+water systems designed and built for clean drinking and irrigation

Success Stories

Our community partners illustrate the impact of our work. Read their stories below.

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Our Work

We take a holistic and integrated approach to sustainable community development. Get an overview of how we work and the programs that are central to our community partnerships.

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