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Ecotourism provides a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of agriculture, environment, business, and culture. Visiting our projects is a great way to deepen your experience of Morocco.

Get to Know Morocco

We partner with universities and travel agencies around the world to facilitate in-depth travel experiences that give you an opportunity to learn about development work through visiting our projects. Our long-lasting relationships with communities give us the ability to make introductions and connect you with farmers, cooperatives, and community leaders.

We are passionate about connecting people in a human way. Supporting community development is inherently mutual: everyone involved benefits from the connection. When visiting a Moroccan community, there’s a lot to learn, and it’s always an unforgettable experience.

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Current Opportunities

Interested in coming to visit? Here are a few upcoming opportunities to visit our projects and connect with the people and communities we love.

"After spending time with women from the Abogholou and Anamer cooperatives, I gained an appreciation for the importance of relationships in community development in terms of both financial and emotional support. Visiting Abdultif in Tadmamt allowed us to discover the value of planting more sustainable, profitable crops in these villages, and how that has built communities and livelihoods in remote areas. It ends up that couscous, carpets and cherries are much more connected than initially believed."Grace Shawah
"I will miss Morocco and the people I have met along the way. This trip has helped me to evaluate how I think about development, my own role in the process, my future career plans, and how to apply concepts cross-culturally."Visitor, 2023
"Though I knew that the challenges of growing trees in Morocco were significant, seeing the environment with my own eyes made it sink in further. I then better understood the remote nature of the rural areas of Morocco, the struggle to find sources of water and electricity, and the ways in which HAF overcomes these difficulties. I saw the hills where livestock had overgrazed, leading to erosion. I understood the irrigation system used and saw the pipes for water. All of these are things that I had written about or edited in documents but not seen for myself in reality. In general, I guess this experience shows the power of experiencing something yourself. You never truly understand it until you live it in person."Visitor, 2021
“I am very grateful to HAF for making this experience possible and for all the lovely people who welcomed me and treated me as a member of the family. I had a wonderful stay, learning a lot about the people and the culture of Tifnoute valley and about how they work together to confront the socio-economic challenges that face their community.”Marie Wehner
" approaching development with a low-index of power, HAF offers friendship and genuine relationships, which promotes the idea of community-led development."Visitor, 2021
"Previously people have mentioned overcoming language barriers by finding a translator or through facial expressions or dance, but I think that that love-filled group hug said more to me than anything thus far. For me, that hug reaffirmed the great impact that HAF and other civil society groups has made towards attaining sustainable development across Morocco."Visitor, 2022

Your Visit

If you are interested in visiting us, we’re happy to help coordinate.


Contact us if you have any questions about how we can assist you during your visit.

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