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Field Trips to Al Haouz and Rhamna

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byErrachid Montassir
onJanuary 28, 2020

Recently, the High Atlas Foundation and Kids International Dental Services organization (KIDS) came together to help advance rural children’s health care. KIDS’ leader Alison Blue and I visited Anamer and Ait Lkak villages in Oukaimdan (Al Houz) and Bouchan (Rhamna). We were there to arrange and prepare for an upcoming visit by 8 American dentists, their assistants, and support team (20 people total) due in March 2020 to treat the teeth of 3,000 rural children.

HAF president, Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir initiated the plan after a meeting with Ms. Blue a few months ago in Morocco. The HAF is committed to sustainable development goals in Moroccan communities, that are also in line with KIDS’ principles and programs. We all are looking forward to their return in March, and to the sweet smiles and improved health of children.

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