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Planting Hope: Fruitful Partnerships in Dakhla and the Sahara

Dakhla planting
byCheikh Akmach
onMay 26, 2023

The High Atlas Foundation is an organization committed to inspiring the next generation of environmentally-conscious individuals. Recently, the HAF team planted fruit trees with schools in Dakhla, which marked the beginning of a successful collaboration in the region. Three schools participated in the fruit tree planting – Nahda Primary School, Errazi Middle School, and Abdelkarim El Khattabi Primary School – with over 50 students sharing the experience. Because of the overwhelming success of the first event, surrounding schools have reached out to HAF with a strong interest in hosting similar tree-planting events.

Hana Ezaoui, a member of HAF, began the workshop with a brief presentation on the importance of tree planting and environmental protection. The students were captivated by her deep passion for nature as she spoke. They learned about tree planting and maintenance processes, leaving the workshop with a new sense of responsibility for the environment.

Chikh1 1

Hana Ezaoui explains the process of planting trees to the children. Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF

As the event progressed, students enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves and began to work alongside the HAF team. With giggles of excitement, they planted trees, beaming as they watched the barren land around them transform into a thriving green space.

One significant addition to the event was the participation and engagement of many prominent officials from the Ministry of Education. Their presence highlighted the importance of environmental conservation and the role of young minds in shaping a sustainable future. As they participated in the tree planting, they matched the excitement of the students, forming a wonderful connection with youth in the community.

Chik2 2

The Regional Director of the Ministry of Education engaging in the tree planting activities. Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF

As the event concluded, students enthusiastically promised to take good care of the trees and were excited to watch the trees grow as they attended school nearby each day. The impact of the event went far beyond the environmental benefits of the tree planting itself. It was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn about the environment, the importance of trees, and their role as stewards of the planet. They gained first-hand experience that will promote their engagement as advocates for their communities and champions of environmental action. As I soaked in the excitement from the wonderful day, I realized that active engagement and cooperation are some of the best forms of education and one of the most effective and exciting ways to teach the next generation to steward our planet.

Chik 3 3

Government officials and students work hand in hand to plant trees. Photo by Cheikh Akmach.