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Update: Ahl Rhoufrane Cooperative

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onDecember 30, 2021

Ahl Rhoufrane Cooperative was established earlier this year in January 2021 by Yassin Rhoufrane in Khtakhta village, Bouchan Commune, Rhamna Province. It is worth mentioning that this co-op provides equal opportunities for both male and female members.

The sector of this cooperative’s activities is livestock farming, and its goal is to increase the standard of living of farmers in that village. The members have already benefited from a workshop by the Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team on how to submit administration documents in order to register their cooperative and be approved by Moroccan law.

This visit was a follow-up to the recommendation made by the F2F team, and Yassin was happy to inform us that they are officially approved as an agricultural cooperative.

The members aim to expand their activities and convert nearby lands for agricultural activities. F2F can follow up on this and provide assistance. It is a pleasure to see Moroccan youths working hard in order to help their communities.