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Trees and a Beautiful Surprise in Rhamna

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byErrachid Montassir
onOctober 22, 2018

This morning we planted with schoolchildren in Rhamna. I had a great day with the kids and there will be some surprises.

HAF’s Sami’s Project is still celebrating the Big Event of the 15th of January with schoolchildren. After we planted in many provinces already, our direction was to Rhamna province this morning, making other green touches with the kids, by planting hundreds of almond and pomegranate trees, which are a future source of income for the schools.
Amid our action this morning was a moment when I was delivering each tree to every two children as a small project for them. They can take care of the tree until it gives fruit. It happened that I met with my nephew by accident! He is studying in one of the schools that we planted in. He was extremely happy to see me and plant trees together in his school, which was an incredibly emotional moment for me.