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Tree Planting in Casablanca Province

byFatima El Mrini
onApril 8, 2022

March 26, 2022—As part of the activities carried out by the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) in partnership with the BeGreen program, the HAF team revived tree planting with some schools in Casablanca province. There, over 1,300 male and female students at Al-Farabi Prep and Ibn Battouta High School had the opportunity to replace their pens with shovels and planted 100 trees of various types for the improvement of the climate and environmental conditions. The HAF team took the initiative to introduce the institution and its programs, as well as a practical explanation of the correct way to plant trees and ways to take care of them.

It is clear that the city of Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, and as such it is more vulnerable to pollution than others. Such activities give it some life and some hope. One can see the joy of the glimmer in children’s eyes as they touch the dirt and plant for the first time. This in itself is something to be proud of. It is essential. There should be a green space and environmental activities in every school in particular to maintain clean air for these children and provide a healthy, comfortable and positive school environment.

All students, teachers, and directors showed appreciation, enthusiasm and gratitude for this wonderful opportunity, expressing their urgent need for such activities as well as their desire for more trees. The day ended with hope and enthusiasm for the future, and agreements were concluded for more of these effective activities. The HAF team looks forward to continuing to work with these schools to make a difference in the lives of these communities, and of course to see the flourishing of these trees, which were small seedlings that signified hope.