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Tree Planting Day in Diverse Landscapes

byOscar Klein
onFebruary 1, 2024

In a single day, I traversed the diverse landscapes of Morocco through Al Haouz, unveiling a spectrum that ranged from arid, rural expanses — where sustaining plant life seemed a formidable challenge — to lush, tree-laden terrains nestled in the mountainous regions. Our journey commenced in a quaint rural village near Akrich, where a warm welcome awaited us from a women's cooperative. They not only showcased their exceptional craftsmanship but also offered insights into their daily lives.

Following this, we had the unique opportunity to plant various tree types in a nearby field. The palpable harmony within the cooperative, as well as the strong bonds of their community, was evident as they stood united wherever we went. Their hospitality did not come short, and we were cordially invited to partake in a breakfast after our initial tree-planting activity.

Continuing our journey, a visit to our Akrich nursery was followed by a journey to the Tadmamt nursery, an enchanting landscape that transported me back to my native Austria. The forest, adorned with a carpet of fallen leaves, showcased a mesmerizing scenery dotted with conifers.

Observing farmers tending to various trees, including almond trees, along crafted terraces carefully aligned by hand-laid stone walls was a testament to their care. The gentle sunlight and intermittent breezes accompanied us as we collaborated in planting trees. Our visit concluded with a delightful traditional Moroccan tea, after which we were waved goodbye to by the farmers.


A farmer digging a hole to plant a tree sapling; photo by HAF

Our ultimate destination, post-lunch at a nature-immersed restaurant, led us to a small hill. Here, beneath a rocky plateau of the mountain, we planted our final three trees, anticipating the future flow of water to nourish these saplings. Strategically diverting the water's course ensured that nature's ways would fortify the trees we planted collaboratively.


The HAF team watering a tree sapling; photo by HAF

As our day wound down, we embarked on our final drive. Slowly approaching Marrakech kilometer by kilometer, I marveled at the myriad worlds this captivating land revealed.