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Training Family Literacy Instructors

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byAyoub Mellouki
onAugust 12, 2022

The three days that I spent with twenty women from the Beni Mellal-Khenifra region training to be literacy instructors went by in a flash. What a great experience it was to meet all of them representing their tribes, everyone with a special cooperative working in different fields. I saw in those women a shining power with courage to make a huge change in their communities and to have an influential impact as a family literacy instructor.

During our training days, we learned how to practice the andragogic method of instruction and how to help adults learn despite a late education. From this first part of the training, I discovered a new concept in the literacy program. One of the village residents will be in charge as instructor, and that’s a good approach for a successful program. This program is also dedicated to women, which is a great target because an educated woman in charge of daily household tasks will educate her children and manage the family’s wealth.

As a student of the National School of Trade and Business in Beni Mellal, I was so excited to meet the Family Literacy team from the High Atlas Foundation. To continue with future training and following the instructors during this whole program, to help them and to facilitate their jobs, leaves me wordless. This program will help the Moroccan economy to grow.

To conclude, I give all my thanks to the High Atlas Foundation, and to Mr. Sabri, the Deputy Director of the National School of Trade and Business in Beni Mellal.