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The Empowerment Journey

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byIbtissam Niri
onOctober 23, 2018

After finishing the empowerment journey In Ma’ain in Jordan and coming back to our sweet homeland Morocco, each one’s own empowerment journey took us on a journey within ourselves to dig little deeper into our minds and talk to it about our deep sorrows and feelings. In a peaceful sphere of two different regions of Al-Haouz province and being ready to change believing in the idea of empowerment, my story began with women and their desire to engage in the training regarding the positive effects that the previous empowerment workshop had on their mates conducted by Fatima Zahra, who helped them discover a lot of their deeply hidden abilities.

Many of these women live without thinking of the ways they can recognize the sources of their potential and deeply held ambition that will always help them improve and advance, and also with a sense of shame because of their human weaknesses which often keeps them in a state of loss and overthinking, the feeling of defeat and discouragement for this reason this journey has been a key for each woman to open her heart.

Many people do not know most of these tools and therefore find themselves lost either on the level of feelings and emotions, or their sexual relations, bodies, money, their work or even on the level of spirituality that links them to their creator.

The reactions to this program can be divided into those who are ready to take the journey up and those who are affected by its features and those who are shocked by its advantages, but there was only one result, which is the desire to be empowered. It was not easy for her in its first experience in the training workshops to feel confident from the first stance due to many factors like, the Amazigh language, which was an obstacle and without women’s desire to learn, advance and change we could not make it. One of the most difficult situations is when you look at their eyes while looking for the word that expresses the meaning of growing-edge in the first day of the workshop.

Illiteracy is also one of the challenges that is considered a reason in their inability to interact, but after the first two days and after discovering the sources of personal power in each woman during the journey of the seven-rooms and the ordering of these rooms depending on the need to each one of them.

After recovering from the illness of sad memories and hurting events through the life tunnel to get rid of heavy past heritage and its deep pain, in order to feel emotional freedom and internal openness as well as bringing joy to their hearts, after that releasing the body as well and healing it.

I felt happy and joyful because of the joy I saw in the participants’ eyes, I have even noticed that in the way they talk and their visions as well as their dreams that have become totally different from what they used to be in the past. To overcome all the fears and obstacles that I consider a large barrier between me and them which I discovered later that it is just certain limiting believes that manifests within ourselves.

This empowerment journey would therefore be an unforgettable lesson and I will not forget it as long as I’m alive, regarding the change that happened in my life either that process through which I learned how to reorganize my priorities and my relations with the others and the feeling of responsibility and discipline in some issues and commitment in some others, or on the level of my personal life where the empowerment-journey has helped me a lot, and where I got rid of sadness, fear and timidity once and forever, the strongest sample for me was standing in front of the jury of the test for the first time without fear or mumbling, furthermore, looking at their eyes to understand and interact with them. All these has been learnt during the self-empowerment journey that has been beneficial for the participants who have been able to improve their lives and work on taking care of it in all areas so that the journey back home would be full of momentum, new ideas and new visions the aim of which is enjoyment and it have also been beneficial for their trainer, me Ibtissam.