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The distribution of trees during 2021/1022

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byFatima El Mrini
onApril 25, 2022

Among the activities and programs carried out by the High Atlas Foundation in supporting investment in Morocco’s sustainable development is encouraging its population of 11 million people to consider the transition from barley and corn cultivation to the planting of more profitable crops and fruit trees.

To advance and achieve this goal, HAF focuses its efforts on distributing fruit trees to community members at a symbolic price, as well as by distributing trees free of charge to schools in various provinces in Morocco. In 2021-2022, specifically in the region of Casablanca-Settat and Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, we ensured that 46,062 trees of various kinds, including olive, fig, pomegranate, almond, grape, carob, and others, were distributed in just five months; 230 farmers benefited from this noble initiative.

In addition, 790 trees were distributed to 35 schools, benefiting a total of 19,992 students, including those who were able to plant a tree for the first time. As one of the students said, he sees planting a tree as the birth of a new life. We planted with teenage girls who have been out of school, as well as with youth in rehabilitation.

These trees that are being planted are the strong bond and trust that we build with these people. For this reason, HAF believes that every tree also represents a very important story of equity and opportunity for the people who need and deserve it the most. Every tree that is planted creates a new life, and another person benefits from the shade it provides and the fruit it bears. Who knows how many people we will help and how many people will be grateful for that.

Thus, HAF contributes greatly to sustainable development, hand in hand with its partners. With this shared strategy, we will definitely make a difference.”