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Sidi Ali Oufares: Where Nature, Culture, and Creativity Converge

Sidi ali
byNouhaila El Fatimi
onFebruary 15, 2024

Sidi Ali Oufares is a new site for the psychosocial empowerment teams. In this unique town, the beauty of the rocks and the magic of science are embodied in every corner. Nature remains an inspiration for the art made here, reflecting the history of Amazigh communities living in harmony with the natural environment.

The cross-fertilization of cultures in this town shows pride and mutual respect among its residents, as they reflect tolerance and peaceful coexistence between different races and cultures. Although the town was affected by the Al Haouz earthquake, the people’s warm welcome was characterized by comfort and strength, as if they were able to overcome their ordeal with a positive spirit and enthusiasm. How can these wonderful people who were affected by the earthquake have this inner strength and ability to welcome guests with an open spirit? This reflects their determination and persistence in building a strong and cohesive community.

In our meeting with the townspeople, we learned about their lives and histories as we began organizing artistic workshops for religious children. The kids shone with their enthusiasm and creativity as they colored and drew pictures, played with dough, and arranged puzzles, all while socializing with their friends in an atmosphere full of songs and fun.

During these four days, children noticeably appear in two groups: one group heads to school to continue their learning, and another group heads to the psychological support room to enjoy moments of rest and entertainment, which helps them overcome the psychological effects of the earthquake. During these four days, the collective spirit and cooperation among the children emerged as they exchanged ideas and skills between school classrooms and the psychosocial support room through positive social communication, showing that children can support each other and benefit from activities that contribute to enhancing their psychological well-being and personal development. Although these children were working diligently at school, they found a haven in the psychological support room to enjoy moments of joy and smiles.

We heard musical chanting and ringing laughter in this town, where the artistic workshops constituted a platform for the creative expression of children as they set out with joy and enthusiasm to explore their artistic talents and skills, which enhanced interaction and communication between them.

Our trip to the town of Sidi Ali Oufares was not just a visit but rather an inspiring experience rich in detail. We continue to explore this amazing world, longing to see more beauty and unique stories around every corner.