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Ramadan Karim

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJune 24, 2018

رمضان كريم

July 10, 2013 was the first day of Ramadan this year, the greatest month of Muslim Lunar months; a month of repentance, and forgiveness, a month of compassion and giving.

Ramadan was created in Islam not just for the sake of experiencing hunger and thirst, but to feel the billions of people in the world suffering hunger and thirst for years and years. Ramadan comes every year to say to people rich and poor that they are all equal, and to renew the idea of social justice for all humanity. The objective from this greatest month each year is to work hard, help, give and forgive. It is a month when all human intentions and actions are for the sake of God, “ Fi Sabiili Allah”. Ramadan is a great chance to purify and revive one’s soul, like watering and planting on dry land. It is like one giving life to a person not fully living.

The High Atlas Foundation is taking this opportunity to encourage and help plant fruit trees in many provinces of Morocco, knowing that this good intention and action is the best way to revive and improve the environment, economic and social life of thousands of people in disadvantaged areas. More importantly is that these fruit trees could be a source of life not just for people but for many other creatures: birds, plants and insects. Planting trees is giving life to many living organisms. The prophet Mohammed “Salla Allah Alaihi Wa Salam” Peace be upon Him said: “ Maa min Muslimin yazraau zaraan aw yaRrisu Rarsan fayaekulu minhu tayrun aw insa:nun aw bahimatun illa: ka:na lahu bihi sadaqat”; Any person who plants trees, and a bird, human being or animal eats from it, he gains charity from that; any human being who is seeking the goodness of humanity, his good is multiplied by God.

The HAF wishes Ramadan Karim for all Muslims of the world, full of compassion, forgiveness and good deeds.

رمضان كريم