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Moroccan ( and HAF) Reflections at the End of the Year

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byYossef Ben-Meir
onOctober 22, 2018

Morocco is a place of infinite possibility. That is so because of Morocco, its multicultural people, and its identity. People’s participation in their development can occur in all its places, because it is encouraged – even obligatory – by multiple laws and programs of the land.

The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) creates project and partnership models that make national impact absolutely real. We create the public, private, and multi-tiered relationships and project examples that engine national transformation. Incredibly, Morocco’s full success of its participatory, decentralized development vision carries profound meaning for itself, the Continent, and the Middle East. We are dedicated to Morocco fulfilling its global potential from its own national sustainable development.

HAF empowers women through their self-discovery, community-driven livelihoods, and knowledge of human rights. HAF builds the power of youth through sharpening their abilities to create sustainable community and personal growth. HAF brightens schools with new classrooms, gardens, and interactive environmental education. HAF brings clean drinking waterto marginalized communities. HAF vastly expands the organic agricultural economy, and helps direct the new revenue to advance the people’s development.

HAF’s partnerships with cooperatives and associations, government, and religious communities is seeing millions of fruit trees being grown and hundreds of millions more possible. The planting season is now and we plant trees such as walnut, carob, and others that live for centuries. We also monitor tree growth for carbon credit offsets. We would be honored and grateful to provide you these credits.

Giving to HAF is giving to personal and national transformation, and to the international consequences of Morocco a truly fulfilled participatory nation.

It is a New Year celebrated by much of our planet. Here is to all our resolutions of the heart. Here is to Morocco and to all who strive for its complete potential.

Yours faithfully,

Yossef Ben-Meir


High Atlas Foundation