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Making Cosmetic Products Using Aromatic Herbs

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onMay 27, 2022

Photo: Women of Laayoune Litanmiat Al Aachab Tibia Cooperative learn to produce cosmetics.
H. Chouhab/HAF

Eight motivated women in Laayoune Litanmiat Al Aachab Tibia Cooperative (Laayoune Charkia) participated in a training about manufacturing cosmetic products using aromatic herbs. It was supported by the F2F team and local volunteer.

The local volunteer brought the necessary materials—Texapon N70, Comperlan COD, Dehyton K, Lamesoft, essential oils, water and other ingredients—to make the cosmetic products, and based on the women’s demand, he started the training by teaching them how to make shampoo. The steps were simple and easy, and the women enjoyed the workshop.

What attracted us the most was the simplicity of the trainer’s methodology, as well as the full concentration of the trainees. The desired outcome was shortly celebrated when the participants successfully manufactured a first shampoo sample. Soon after this experiment, the trainer and the participants moved to learning how to make body lotion using few materials and aromatic herbs. The trainer also pointed out that hygiene and proper maintenance of the tools are quite important when making these products.

By the end of this training, the participants were able to retain the ingredients and dosages that are needed to make cosmetics products. The women were grateful for the opportunity to learn new skills that have the potential to enhance their business.