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Launching Eat.Drink.Share In NYC!

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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onApril 12, 2018

To kick off 2010, HAF is launching a networking and idea sharing initiative in New York City, aptly called Eat.Drink.Share. We’ll be meeting every few months to discuss a different development topic, provide updates on HAF’s projects, network, and share ideas (and share good Moroccan food!).

Please join us on Sunday, January 10th for the inaugural gathering at L’Orange Bleue (430 Broome Street, NYC) from 11:00am – 1:00pm.

Come hungry for brunch or drop in for a cup of coffee. And please come ready to share your ideas!

Make HAF your new year’s resolution:
• Brainstorm and help develop fundraising and outreach events (anything from a community picnic, a 5K race, to an academic conference)
• Share contacts, networks, and information about the Moroccan-American community in NYC
• Connect with old friends and make new – we all share a love and passion for Morocco
• Learn about HAF’s Resource Council, meet current members, and find out how you can get involved
• Sign-up to help HAF with media outreach, event planning, grassroots fundraising, and much more!

Upcoming 2010 Eat.Drink.Share Events
– April: Women and Development .
– August: Ramadan Iftar .
– December: Youth Outreach .
Event details and registration link will be sent out month before.

All questions, comments, and ideas can be directed to one of the Event and Outreach Co-Chairs:

From all of us at HAF, may your new year be full of much joy, good health, and many connections to Morocco!