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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJuly 19, 2018

We are pleased announce that the High Atlas Foundation has been selected to participate in the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage Event on Research and Innovation on 12-13 February 2014 in Cairo, Egypt. The event entitled “Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway” will be an opportunity for Project Manager in Al Haouz Province Malika Kassi to present HAF’s social enterprise project, High Atlas Agriculture and Artisianal (HA3).

Malika will be introducing HAF’s organic business model which uses profits from the sale of organic produce to reinvest in sustainable human development project (which are community identified and implemented). This dialogue is intended to encourage and strengthen the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation on Research and Innovation, especially pertaining to resource efficiency (particularly water), high quality affordable food, and energy.

HAF’s innovative business model for the organic agriculture initiative was also recognized by the SEED Award in 2013. This new social enterprise will enable HAF and community partners to expand the scope of their human development projects into additional provinces and new areas of development.