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HAF’s Annual Report: 2018

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byYossef Ben-Meir
onOctober 22, 2018

From Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir
HAF President

Dear Friends,

It has been a journey for us putting together this year’s Annual Report, because we decided to make it comprehensive, including visually, of all of the work of the High Atlas Foundation since its beginning in 2000. We hope that you like it, and that you feel a connection with HAF’s Moroccan mission.

We work in agriculture, health, education, multiculturalism, in rural (mostly) and urban areas, with projects in all Regions of Morocco, focused heavily on women’s and youth empowerment, with remote communities, in partnership with government, civil society, and business, and all this tied to a single premise: We implement projects that the people together determine, manage, and receive their benefits.


We concentrate most heavily in agriculture, because rural people do, and because by multiplying the size of its economy—from growing tree and plant nurseries, to commercialization of raw and processed product, building cooperatives, and monitoring carbon offsets—we generate new revenue to reinvest in human development projects, beyond agriculture.


By implementing people-driven development in Morocco, a nation that has enacted this approach in many of its policies, charters, and laws, and by building a revenue-generating mechanism to build local capacities and projects, we can help communities all across the Kingdom implement the change they seek. This is HAF’s vision, and Morocco’s goal.

Achieving this HAF-Moroccan dream would be profound for the country, the Continent, and the Middle East. Morocco’s human development journey, facilitated by participatory and decentralization approaches, is indeed a great hope, lighting for the world a sustainable national recourse and pathway.

The High Atlas Foundation is joined by, and joins, many Partners is this Moroccan-universal journey, to achieve the hopes of the people, all people, especially those who could utilize us most.

Destinations are not certain in our world. What is certain is that we have a Moroccan national framework for transformative change through participatory democratic means. It is also certain that Morocco absolutely needs the fulfillment of its sustainable development, and that the nation and those in the world who come to know its model will be most truly better off for it.

Please read HAF’s Annual Report: 2018 and let us know what you think –

Yours faithfully,
Yossef Ben-Meir

HAF President