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HAF Inspires Youth in Quaryati

Youth in quaryati
byHigh Atlas Foundation
onMarch 17, 2022

On February 25th, HAF’s President, Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, and HAF’s Program Manager, Sanae Benaadim, were invited by the US Embassy in Morocco and the Anoual Association to take part as speakers for the networking event of the first American Leadership Academy (ALA) in Quaryati in Sidi Abdellah Ghiat in Marrakech.

It was a wonderful meeting with 61 young, ambitious participants aged between 20-25 years old who came from different parts of Morocco: 43 females and 18 males. The purpose of this gathering was to inspire youth participants with other regional leaders. It was a great pleasure to share HAF’s mission, success stories, challenges, and achievements with the Moroccan community.

They were attentive, followed every single word, and did not hesitate to share their enquiries and ask for pieces of advice that can be helpful in their careers. The most frequent questions from youth were as follows: What are the challenges that HAF faced and how do we deal with them? What is the secret ingredient to HAF’s 22 years of success? HAF works hard to follow up different projects, with team proactivity and flexibility. The Foundation gathers a group of selfless youth willing to make a positive impact on remote and marginalized communities. They desire to work with farming families in different Moroccan communities.

Photo: Sanae discusses Youth HAF’s challenges and answers their questions.

By the end of the day, we were delighted to visit the participants’ stands and talk about the future impact of their work, and also happy to provide pieces of advice. HAF is always glad to help and receive potential volunteers who want to enhance their skills related to leadership and serve the Moroccan community with passion.