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Farmer to Farmer Visits Nisaae Tinmel Cooperative

Zinb 1
byZineb Laadam
onDecember 16, 2021

The Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team visited the Nisaae Tinmel women’s cooperative in Tizaghrin village (Talatnycoub municipality, Al Haouz province, Marrakech-Safi region) in November. We spent an unforgettable day with 20 incredible women who shared their personal and professional stories with us.

The cooperative was established by 16 women in 2018, and it produces and sells baked foods and couscous made from wheat and barley. The DPA will support and build a production unit for this project soon.

The importance of women’s empowerment was underscored. It is considered important to organize an IMAGINE workshop for grassroots collaboration and training for the village’s women in which they can develop skills to critically analyze and improve their existing conditions. The guiding principle during the recent discussion was to share previous success stories with the women in a language and manner that is understandable to them. While women’s empowerment is considered to be important, it is also recognized that cooperative work is necessary, and this will facilitate their organizing for collective action.

Women at the entrance to the Nisaae Tinmel cooperative

The F2F program can help by organizing a women’s empowerment training workshop for Nisaae Tinmel’s members, and follow up with an assignment in order to deliver training on recordkeeping and organizational operations.