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Farmer to Farmer Team in Douar Lakdirat

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byZineb Laadam
onJanuary 20, 2022

On December 25th, the Farmer-To-Farmer (F2F) team launched an assignment in Lakdirat’s village in the Jnane Bouih municipality of Al Youssoufia province (Marrakech-Safi region), in order to enrich the women’s cooperative Konouz Lakdirate and to help guide their planning, decision-making, and human and material resources allocation.

The HO is aiming to grow a tree nursery, which will provide fruit trees and medicinal plants for farming families, schools, and other co-ops in Al Youssoufia province. Konouz Lakdirate Cooperative aims to increase agricultural revenue for Moroccan families after growing this fruit tree nursery. However, they need capacity-building support so that they can achieve their aim.

Ahmed Boumargoud, the local F2F volunteer, and Alena Klimas, the paired remote U.S volunteer, will work together with the HO members to deliver to them the essential tools for building their business plan on the establishment and management of a tree nursery.

This women’s co-op is looking forward to being able to manage their own nursery of fruit trees where thousands of seeds will be planted, benefiting many households throughout Morocco.