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Essential Tools for Cooperative Sustainability

F2 F
byHouria Chouhab
onMay 19, 2022

Eleven women and men of Sadaka Slimania and Nayrouz Cooperatives in Zegzel commune (Berkane) participated in a workshop on project identification, management, and development with the High Atlas Foundation’s Farmer-to-Farmer team.

The members learned the essential tools that guarantee the sustainability of projects within a cooperative and the obstacles to be avoided. Afterwards, the F2F local volunteer talked about the Moroccan government’s social programs and national initiatives such as the INDH ( National Human Development Initiative) and FORSA that aim to encourage sustainable development projects. Moreover, the trainees had a chance to practice how to complete the applications for these initiatives and how to effectively present their projects.

A Farmer-to-Farmer local volunteer conducts training for Zegzel commune members. Photo: Houria Chouhab, HAF

The women of these cooperatives are ambitious and want to work hard to reach their independence and improve their existence. However, the regions where they live still experience an absolute dominance of men’s opinions over those of the females around them. Therefore, we don’t find enough women’s cooperatives in this area. Luckily, the members of these two host organizations have benefited from the empowerment workshop that the High Atlas Foundation has conducted in the last couple of years, and they are eager to see their cooperatives succeed.

The trainer admitted that these women are ambitious and only need some guidance when it comes to administrative work. On the other hand, the trainees appreciated this workshop and are thankful to the HAF for their support.