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Empowering Local CSOs: Financial Management Training

byCheikh Akmach
onAugust 13, 2023

In its continued efforts to empower local communities and strengthen their capacities, the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) recently conducted a comprehensive Financial Management Training program. This training aimed to equip participants from the Bir Gandus municipality and members of the nomadic community with essential financial management skills.

The objective was to enable local CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) to effectively manage their budgets and drive sustainable development within their communities. This blog delves into the key topics covered during the training and highlights the transformative experiences shared by the participants.

Equipping CSOs with Financial Management Skills:

Recognizing the critical role of financial management in the success of community-driven projects, the training focused on providing participants with the foundational knowledge and practical skills required to handle budgets effectively. The program commenced with an overview of the basics of accounting, enabling participants to understand financial statements, budgeting, and expense tracking. This knowledge formed the bedrock of their ability to make informed financial decisions.

Harnessing Banking Tools:

To streamline financial processes and enhance efficiency, participants were provided with valuable tips on how to use bank checkbooks. This practical aspect of the training equipped participants with the necessary skills to manage transactions and maintain accurate financial records.


Participants listening with rapt attention during the training. Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF

By embracing banking tools, local CSOs could better navigate financial operations, ensuring transparency and accountability in their projects.

Maximizing Strategic Location:

Bir Gandus municipality holds a strategic location as Morocco's gateway to Africa, offering opportunities for economic growth and development. Recognizing this advantage, the training incorporated tips on how to sell products and appeal to local people and visitors. Participants learned effective marketing techniques to attract customers, seize opportunities, and bolster economic activities within the community. By leveraging their strategic location, local CSOs could enhance their financial sustainability and create a positive impact.

Engaging Discussions and Personal Transformations:

The training sessions were not limited to imparting technical knowledge alone; they also fostered engaging discussions among participants.

One participant, a woman, bravely shared her personal story, recounting her journey from depression and despair. During a previous Imagine Workshop facilitated by HAF, she found solace in expressing her emotions and sharing her struggles with fellow participants. The training sessions proved to be transformative for her, sparking a sense of empowerment and igniting a desire for change. Today, she stands as a testament to the power of education and support, having taken concrete steps towards transforming her life.


Moulay Hassan discussing with participants. Credits: Cheikh Akmach/HAF

Finally, the financial management training conducted by HAF under the guidance of Moulay Hassan Aladlouni played a pivotal role in equipping local CSOs from Bir Gandus and members of the nomadic community with essential financial management skills.

By covering topics such as accounting basics, the effective use of carnet de cheques bancaires, and maximizing the strategic location of the municipality, participants gained the tools and knowledge necessary to manage their budgets efficiently. The engaging discussions and experiences shared by participants highlighted the profound impact of this training.

By empowering local CSOs with financial management skills, HAF continues to pave the way for sustainable development and prosperity within communities in the region.