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Do More This Earth Day

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byAva Katz
onApril 22, 2022

Every year on April 22, the world reflects on the many wonders of the earth and celebrates its beauty. This Earth Day is more crucial than ever in the current face of climate change.

Everyone loves to post a serene photo from their most recent vacations on Instagram, but how many people are addressing the trajectory of our planet or doing the work that will save the deteriorating natural world and its inhabitants?

The use of fossil fuels, agricultural malpractices, and deforestation are just three factors increasing the globe’s temperature at an alarming rate. Greenhouse gas emissions have detrimental consequences on biodiversity, ecosystems, and human health. Natural resource degradation and changing weather patterns result in devastation and insecurity for vulnerable regions.

While there is no single solution to the climate crisis, raising the environmental consciousness of international audiences is essential to creating a united front to protect the planet. Catalyzing generations to work together is one of the most significant challenges humans face today. Still, it’s the only hope to mobilize society toward employing imperative measures that will slow global warming and prevent the extinction of life on earth.

The earth urgently needs advocates for the adoption of clean and sustainable practices. Make this day of action have a lasting impact:

  • Advocate policy change by writing to your congress for the implementation of renewable energy sources,
  • Recycle reusable products, like bringing your own bags to the grocery store and using a refillable water bottle,
  • Plant trees,
  • Start composting in your household or community,
  • Participate in local cleanups, and/or
  • Generate awareness on social media platforms by establishing an open dialogue or providing informative resources with ways to get involved.

Do more than post a picture on Earth Day in 2022. The earth is counting on it.