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Demonstration of Solar Panel Cleaning at HAF Nurseries by Farmer to Farmer Volunteer

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byJan Stenström
onMarch 24, 2022

On March 14, the Farmer to Farmer (F2F) team drove to Youssoufia to meet with the women of the Konouz Lakdirate Cooperative. At their nursery, I conducted the first workshop on solar panel maintenance. There was heavy rain, and it was very windy, which prevented us from performing a hands-on demonstration. However, we went through the required material, and its use, which was well received by the participants.

Solar panel installation at Youssoufia visited by F2F team Photo Credit: Afra Stenström

The next day, I gave a workshop on the same topic at the Akrich nursery in Al Haouz province next to the Jewish cemetery there. There was very strong sunlight, which made it too hot to conduct the hands-on demonstration. Solar panels should not be cleaned under direct, intense sunlight. Therefore, I explained how the panels are cleaned on a day with better conditions.

Farmer to Farmer volunteers and team meet with women of Konouz Lakdirate Cooperative in Youssoufia
Photo Credit: Afra Stenström

For the final day, the team drove 200 kilometers outside Marrakech to the Adrar Agricultural Cooperative in Ouaouizerht, where I conducted another such workshop. It had been raining and was cloudy, which is the ideal weather for cleaning the panels. It was very muddy, and the team had to climb a hill to reach the area where the solar panels are, but they had plenty of help. That kind of weather is perfect for cleaning the panels, according to the volunteers. They reported that people there are so warm and welcoming. It all went very well, and they had a good day.

Community members clean the solar panels in Adrar Agricultural Cooperative as demonstrated by F2F volunteer Jan Stenstrom. Photo credit: Afra Stenström