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Community Meetings in the Beni Mellal Region

Community meetings beni mellal
byBouchra Zine
onMarch 17, 2022

On Wednesday February 9, 2022, two members of the Family Literacy Program team in Beni Mellal-Khenifra went to Ait Oum El Bakht commune, Beni Mellal province, to meet el Khlifa there. Mr. Mohammed Abdeladim kindly hosted the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) team and continued to express gratitude for the programs that work on the sustainability of women’s cooperatives in rural areas. Mr. Abdeladim contacted a local association that will assist the team in connecting with more cooperatives.

After that, the Family Literacy team had a meeting in Bachaouia de Zaouiat Cheikh with the leader of the Caïds. Mr Ahmed Melouki graciously introduced the team members to Ms. Itou Ammou, president of a cooperative active in Zaouiat Cheikh. The members of her cooperative are very active, motivated, and hard workers. Two days before, they had obtained the authorization of the government for the export of their goods. They have developed their business by working in the international sectors. Also, Ms. Itou very helpfully enabled the team to contact three other women’s cooperatives in Zaouiat Cheikh and another in Ait Oum El Bakht as well. All are strong women with a clear vision for the future, and all—Mrs. Itou, Hassnae, Hind, Leila and Essadia—are really interested in the literacy courses and technical training, and they are ready for the IMAGINE workshop.

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