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Cherries in Morocco

byStefano Dessena
onSeptember 23, 2019

Cherry cultivation in Morocco offers almost 15,000 tons of this fruit every year putting the country on the 25th spot in the global producers’ scoreboard.[1] The main production areas are in the High Atlas Mountains and in Sefrou zone.

Cherries, frozen or dried, are highly demanded nationally and internationally. In Morocco, for example, cherries are used in traditional recipes such as couscous or chicken tajine.
Aside from being used in culinary recipes, cherries are known for their health benefits. The following is not an exhaustive list of why cherries are a healthy snack:

  • Cherries are high in antioxidants.
  • Cherries are anti-Inflammatory and pain reliever.
  • Cherries are a sleep aid.
  • Cherries contain essential nutrients.
  • Cherries may lower cholesterol.
  • Cherries may lower blood sugar.
  • Cherries are immunity boosters.

Cherries in Morocco are known also for the Cherry Festival in Sefrou (an old city about 20km from Fès), a celebration that has entered on the UNESCO heritage. To celebrate the beauty of the cherries in this festival, a Cherry Queen is elected after 3 days of different activities. Many people come from around the world to participate at this almost 100-year old celebration crowding the city and allowing all the locals to promote their local productions.

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