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Bouhlou Nursery

byHajiba Boumasmar
onFebruary 1, 2022

Mr. Aziz Rhamouni with ReForestaction arranged a field visit from a group of students from Oued Amlil to the Bouhlou nursery in Taza. He explained that the idea was to teach them the first steps on how to create a plant nursery. Also, this club will follow the laying out and development of the nursery and collaborate with High Atlas Foundation (HAF) on some of the work. The program of the visit included a presentation about HAF’s missions and programs, and explanation of why we create tree nurseries, how we create them, and the importance of planting trees.

The students told him that they want to be in contact with the nursery from the building of it to production of the saplings, which was an amazing statement to hear from these children. They insisted that they come back and see its realization.