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A Women's Cooperative and their Nursery Grow in El Youssoufia

byHigh Atlas Foundation
onJanuary 20, 2022

The work in the El Youssoufia project is in progress. Last week, we finished the installation of the solar panels. Also, we finished all the irrigation systems, and we started irrigating the nursery two days ago. We covered the nursery with plastic to keep the bags dry and warm for planting of the carob and argan seeds.

Last week, the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer team, Zineb, Houria, Hassan, and Ahmed, the nursery volunteer-expert, met the women of Kounoze Lkdirate cooperative to build their skills in how to deal with the planting of all varieties of trees that will be in the nursery.

As the women just started occupying the nursery, they will need more training at least at the beginning of the seed planting by bringing in additional experts in that area. We are scheduling together actions in this regard.