Water for Nomadic Communities in Boujdour

Water for Nomadic Communities in Boujdour

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A partnership with Siemens Gamesa leads to four successful water projects for the Boujdour region, providing essential water for livestock in nomadic communities.

Water for Nomadic Communities

Between 2017 and 2019, a partnership between Siemens Gamesa and the High Atlas Foundation successfully established important water infrastructure in Boujdour.

Four key pieces of water infrastructure were developed in the region. The first project constructed a 520 meter canal in Toukb Jrifia, benefitting 576 cattle breeders, 18,000 camels, and 110,000 sheep and goats. Mr. Mohammed, a resident, stated that “this work is exceptional and unique in that no one has previously done something similar in the area… nomads are in dire need of water, especially in remote areas such as Jrifia. This gesture is very compassionate, and I am extremely thankful for those who are working hard to accomplish this project, and God will reward them.”

Two drinking water towers were built in Byar Ahl Atriah and Khotot Hbia, and a solar pump and motor was installed in Om Rjilat, benefitting 130 cattle breeders and 60,000 goats and sheep. Solar powered lights were installed in four watering areas, promoting public safety and allowing increased use of the water sources during the night.

A nomad in his 50s, Ould Ahl Shuwaikh, spoke about the positive impact of the drinking canal. He praised the timely installation of the canal, which began working the day after another that had been built by the Directorate of Agriculture in Boujdour collapsed. Ould Ahl Shuwaikh applauded the hard work done by HAF, SGRE, and its partners, and stated that the work was very effective and will continue to have a positive effect on everyone who goes to the rural commune of Toqb Jrifia—especially nomads.

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building a path for water flow
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building supports for a water channel

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