Sustainable Irrigation Promotes Tree Planting

Sustainable Irrigation Promotes Tree Planting


In Rhamna, an initiative to protect groundwater through sustainable irrigation practices leads to construction of a community nursery, tree planting projects, and support for local schools.

Locally-led Solutions in Rhamna

The challenge of water access is one of the most pressing concerns in Rhamna, especially as climate conditions intensify and drought continues. In 2019, community members established the Al Buhaira Al Wusta Association for Development and Environment to enhance agricultural development in the area and preserve its depleting groundwater sources.

Their strategy? Alternative irrigation and agricultural practices that are adapted to Rhamna’s climate and high temperatures. By using drip irrigation systems and encouraging farmers to cultivate varieties better suited to local conditions, the association is steadily facilitating a transition to more resilient, productive agricultural systems.

In partnership with the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program, Al Buhaira Al Wusta introduced a new tree planting project that engaged local schools to work toward climate solutions and improve livelihoods in the region. A fruit tree nursery was built in Labghoula village with the capacity to produce 40,000 trees every season – and allow the community to grow locally adapted trees for distribution. 70% of the trees will be sold to farmers at a subsidized price, and 30% will be distributed to schools and cooperatives for free.

This project provides a mechanism for reinvestment in the community and in the environment, but ultimately promotes the original goal of the association: growing trees that require less water and equipping farmers to irrigate efficiently provides a clear pathway towards sustainable, resilient water systems.

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