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HAF’s Contribution to Stakeholders and Positive Business to Create Opportunities

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byHanna Tuoriniemi
onJuly 14, 2022

By Hanna Tuoriniemi, HAF Volunteer and University of Michigan Student

The High Atlas Foundation is a beacon for multistakeholderism, contributing to the sustainable development of Morocco by promoting better lives for many. One method to classify the impact that they have had can be through positive business. According to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, positive business can be broken down into three elements: community, nation, and world. Positive business is achieved through creating meaningful change for all stakeholders involved.

In an interview with HAF founder and president Yossef Ben-Meir, he explains the mission of the foundation in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals. HAF takes the Sustainable Development Goals and focuses on how they can be achieved on a community level. HAF has been able to positively impact stakeholders on a community level, such as the women who tend to the tree nurseries. Not only do the women learn new skills and build confidence, but they also are contributing to their communities by creating new job opportunities for others, developing new green spaces, and establishing new locations for cultural events.

As HAF continues to aid communities, it is also helping the nation of Morocco by creating new agricultural possibilities. HAF’s agricultural strategy focuses on rural agriculture, which shifts agricultural production to be more equal for many farmers. As agriculture grows in Morocco, small and disadvantaged farms have been left out. HAF is accomplishing more equality for farmers across the country.

HAF’s approach to sustainable agriculture can positively impact the entire world by implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. The foundation is an inspiration for other foundations that want to create sustainable change. If other stakeholders utilize multilateralism to create a network of sustainable missions, the world will see a better future.
Ways in which other stakeholders can help to support the mission of HAF are by donating to the foundation or by purchasing carbon credits. Carbon credits are carbon offsets that companies can purchase in which carbon dioxide that they produce can be offset with a tree planted through HAF. The carbon credit market is growing in demand and consumers, an essential stakeholder, want to buy from companies that are creating sustainable change. For more information on how HAF makes a difference and how you can support HAF, please visit this link.