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Bottom-Up, Top down on Corona Virus, and Love for One Another

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byYossef Ben-Meir
onMarch 20, 2020

President, High Atlas Foundation

Lake Ifni in the High Atlas Mountains

We have learned so far what we seek and practice: that ingenuity, faster responsiveness, and tailored solutions are driven by communities and leaders more directly around us; and that absolutely essential material and informational support come from national initiatives and leaders and global experience. An amalgamation of people empowered to act with broad societal upliftment – therein lies sustainability, and survivability.

HAF staff is working full-steam, at home, to take care of themselves and families, and for Moroccan people’s own sustainability, to help reverse the wave of troubles we all see ahead. Farmers in their own fields are planting still, and rural women in full adherence with required safety and hygienic protocols, are producing in their homes dried food to enhance their own and others’ food security.

We wish everyone the best in taking care of themselves and each other, in meeting the full needs of the personal and communal, in orchestrating the unity of the bottom and top, and loving all and one – as always.

We will post updates, when commensurate with this time.

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