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byHigh Atlas Foundation
onAugust 17, 2018
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ما أسرع أيامك يا رمضان تأتي على شوق ولهفة، و تمضي على عجل. يا شهر الصيام ترفق ويا شهر القيام تمهل. نفوس العابدين اطمأنت في ساعاتك و قلوب الراكعين ساجدين تبتلت في محرابك. اللهم إنه الثلث الثاني من شهرك الفضيل، ارحمنا وعافينا ،واهدينا لما تحب وترضى بريحة المسك والعود رمضان علينا وعليكم يعود، شهر الخير والكرم والجود

The quick days of Ramadan bring feelings of eagerness and yearning as this month of fasting rushes past. In these hours, the hearts of those who bow down in your sanctuary are reassured.

Oh Allah, in the final third of this blessed month, have mercy on us and guide us in what you love. We pray that this spiritual and blessed month will come again and bring much goodness and generosity.

U.S. Ambassador visits HAF Project Site in Essaouira

On June 12, the High Atlas Foundation was proud to be alongside André Azoulay, Adviser to H. M. Mohammed VI, in welcoming US Ambassador Mr. Dwight L. Bush Sr. to the sites of our cultural preservation project.

Thanks to the US Ambassadors’ Cultural Preservation Fund, over the course of one year, HAF and local partners worked with civil society members to restore the cemeteries of the three faiths, educate our schoolchildren about Morocco’s historic identity of unity and diversity, and to train site caretakers in best practices. Click here to view the interview by Maghreb Arab Press. You can view the project’s blog here.
HAF-MEPI Conference

On June 19 in the province of Mohammedia, civil society organization activists, university students, and representatives from both government agencies and the private sector met for the culmination of a two-year capacity-building program, organized by High Atlas Foundation (HAF) and funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).

This program on participatory democratic planning and project management has benefited over 115 civil society organizations (CSOs), 150 university students and 185 CSO activists. Participants gained practical knowledge and skills that will allow them to play a critical role in supporting poverty reduction and promoting sustainable development. CSOs also federated – unifying to achieve shared goals.

The conference was a time for celebration and reward, as well as a time to reflect upon future steps. The students and representatives of CSOs received certificates commending them for their civic engagement, volunteerism and active participation, and contributions to the HAF-MEPI capacity building program. Click here to read more on HAF’s blog.

Women’s Cooperative in Boujdour

After 10 months of participatory planning, new partnerships and cooperatives have been formed in Morocco’s southern province of Boujdour.

Projects identified during these planning meetings, include the creation of a women’s cooperative, clean drinking water systems, and irrigation systems, will all be implemented in 2014 pending sufficient funding.

To read more about this meeting, visit our blog or Mowgli Adventure’s blog post.

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