Freedom Through Responsible Finance

Freedom Through Responsible Finance

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After discussing responsible finance in an IMAGINE workshop, the president of a women’s cooperative in Al Hoceima re-evaluates her approach to money management.

Advancing Women’s Financial Empowerment

Rhimou grew up in a family where money was not a concern, and money management wasn’t a topic of consideration. As she grew older, her spending habits were cemented and rarely questioned. However, as she engaged in an IMAGINE workshop for the first time, she was encouraged and guided through techniques for healthy management of finances. Rhimou was surprised, as it was the first time she had ever considered the value of saving to wisely manage money in a personal and professional context.

The next day, Rhimou shared with the facilitators of the workshop that the topic had remained in her mind since it was brought up. She spent time considering her spending habits, and after a time of reflection and processing, she bought a piggy bank to build a habit of regular saving. As Rhimou works toward long-term financial security for herself, she also recognizes the value of money management techniques in her position as a cooperative president. She is proud of her work and continues to maintain healthy financial habits.

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