Boukidar Farmers Union

Boukidar Farmers Union


In the rugged landscape of Boukidar, a union of women is transforming dairy farming through innovation and determination.

Empowering Boukidar's Dairy Farmers

After the closure of the Halib Riff milk factory in Al Hoceima, the Boukidar Farmers Union, formed by a group of female dairy farmers in 2010, faced a decline in membership, productivity, and income. Motivated to overcome these challenges and develop solutions, they participated in the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program.

Their journey began with a self-empowerment workshop that encouraged them to come up with ideas, identify goals and solutions, and develop plans to implement them. They realized that transitioning from selling raw milk to processing it into high-value dairy products would enhance the quality of their products and significantly increase their economic viability. As a result, members of the union engaged in training sessions led by local F2F volunteers on milk processing techniques, dairy management, compost farming, and more.

Their newfound knowledge allowed them to reopen their milk factory in partnership with Colainord, a Moroccan milk company, and resulted in the establishment of the Thouzama cooperative by Ms. Widyane, one of the Union’s members. With 30 cows and 18 calves, her thriving business now produces around 4 quintals of milk and boasts a modern milking pipeline. Her progressive approach and ambitious plans for new products pushed her to be honored as a progressive dairy farmer in Al Hoceima. 

Beyond individual success, dairy and compost farming benefit entire communities, generating jobs and enhancing soil quality in the province. The Boukidar dairy farmers, resilient and innovative, prove that setbacks can lead to triumphs.

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