High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3)

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The HA3 social entrepreneurial mission is twofold: it strives to improve the viable and sustainable livelihood of rural Moroccan communities, while maintaining an eco-friendly approach to economic growth. The HA3 enterprise is a transferable green growth business model that addresses dynamic human and environmental needs in Morocco, Africa, and the Middle East.

HA3’s objective is to manage the financial transactions and initiatives related to the acquisition, processing, and competitive sale of the HAF-partnered nurseries, orchards, and greenhouse organic products. The HA3’s purpose is to meet human needs by directing its net revenue to transform the status of marginalized communities. The HA3’s long term investments will generate greater local income and increase investments in new human development projects. The HA3’s goal is to produce zero waste and provide for both the health and wealth to our supply chain and consumers.
As a corporate benefactor to the High Atlas Foundation (HAF), the HA3 works to continue reliable and efficient services necessary to complete the cycle of reinvestment into Morocco’s rural communities and shared earth. Our success is in our ability to be an ecologically responsible and positive change agent.
HA3’s activities in the agricultural sector include…
•   Building community-managed tree and medicinal plant nurseries, orchards, greenhouses and irrigation infrastructure (terracing, basins, wells, piping)
•  Training local farmers in organic and integrated techniques related to nursery and orchard planting, expansion, and maintenance
•  Securing product organic certification
•  Value-added processing of hulls, shells and nut meat with support from provincial-level farming Cooperatives
•  Marketing and competitive sale of the products to achieve maximum profit
•  Distribution of net profit generated to family farmers for added financial gain with support from farming Cooperatives
•  Reinvesting in agricultural and human development projects identified by the community, in education, health, women and youth empowerment

The HA3 product – almonds and walnuts (hull, shell and nut) – can be marketed through two lines.
First, by purchasing all components of both product lines from the HA3 agricultural network, we will fulfill our zero waste, eco-friendly mission.  Second, HA3 will deliver an organic, Fair Trade, and carbon neutral product.
HA3 will begin with the marketing and sale of almonds and walnuts, and will later expand to include additional fruit and nut varieties such as olives and pomegranate, as well as medicinal aromatic plants.
HA3 will acquire and process agricultural waste from HAF-partnered nurseries to produce biomass briquettes. HA3 will market and sell this clean-burning fuel source (made from bio-waste such as nutshells) as part of a Zero Waste Commitment.

Funding Requests
In 2014, HA3 seeks funding to purchase 200,000kg of unshelled certified organic walnuts and 50,000kg of unshelled organic almonds. Farmers need to be paid upfront.

HA3 seeks business incubation services to identify the necessary human resources, determine export procedures, register the new entity internationally, and to develop funding partnerships.  HA3 welcomes experienced partners to support our business development and to provide coaching and expertise.

International Recognition
HA3 has received international recognition for its viability and social entrepreneurial mission. In 2013, HAF received the SEED Award for its HA3 business model and for achievements in innovation, and for its promising efforts to promote economic growth, social development and environmental protection in Morocco. In 2014, HAF was chosen as an innovative “idea carrier” to present the HA3 model at an Agora MedSpring Brokerage Event.

Human Resources Needs
HA3 needs to identify experienced individuals to create an advisory board. HA3 will target individuals with experience in international marketing, social enterprises, import/export, organic certification, corporate finance, social responsibility, insurance, investment management, and clean energy. 

HA3 is working with ECOCERT to certify product organic. Organic certification has been secured for walnuts and almonds in the pilot site of the Toubkal commune in the Taroudant province.

The HA3 seeks opportunities to provide a large stock in bulk to one or a limited number of suppliers (production conglomerates or wholesalers) in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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