HAF completed its 1 Million Tree Goal in January 2014, and has since launched a 1 Billion Tree Campaign. Join us in breaking the cycle of subsistence agriculture.


HAF works in rural areas of Morocco to target the most marginalized communities.


With support from HAF’s expert field staff, communities are given the tools and knowledge to take on their most difficult development challenges.


Infrastructural development is key to bringing communities clean drinking water, improving learning conditions in schools, and increasing agricultural efficiency and production.


HAF’s grassroots approach engages community members throughout the entire development cycle, from planning to implementation and evaluation.


HAF’s experiential training approach increases the impact of development and enables projects to achieve scale.


Income-generating projects empower vulnerable community members and help to break the cycle of poverty.


HAF programs engage marginalized youth and provide essential educational opportunities.


HAF created a social enterprise, High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3), which takes an environmentally friendly approach to food security and prosperity.


HAF is dedicated to benefiting disadvantaged communities and groups, especially women and youth, throughout Morocco.

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Legal Aid Program in Mohammedia Benefiting Moroccans with Disabilities
Mouhssine Tadlaoui-Cherki 1 February, 2016    The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) team is currently in...
Between despondency and hope in Morocco’s Oriental Region
By Elle Houby 29 January 2016  Marrakesh, Morocco - January 29, 2016 - On the fringes of the...
Soutenir le développement économique d’une manière enrichissante pour tous
  Communiqué de presse 27 janvier 2016                ...
Enriching us all – HAF’s House of Life intercultural initiative & CGI
January 27th, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Morocco: Supporting economic development in a way that...
An Almond Nursery Training in the Ourika Valley
By Lisa Maria Wiese, HAF intern15 January, 2016                 The almond is...
Tree planting & CGI Commitment to Action certificate signing
January 21st, 2016 Monday, January 25th, 2016 – Akrich, rural commune of Tamesloht, Al Haouz...
A Legacy of Peace Corps Service in Morocco
By Lillian ThomsonJanuary 2016 Since the first group of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) arrived in...
My intership with the High Atlas Foundation
By Liam Stewart, HAF intern28 December, 2015 Working alongside the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) has...
النشاط الايكولوجي للمؤسسة الأطلس الكبير بقرى الصيد
By Hana Ezaoui, HAF Project ManagerDecember 22, 2015 جماعة الجريفية بوجدور  تزامنا مع الاحتفالات بعيدي...
Morocco: an investment with exponential returns!
By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, HAF presidentDecember 16, 2015 We learn as we live. The High...
Reduce Reuse Recycle: composting in Ourika
By Pommelien da Silva Cosme, HAF internDecember 11, 2015 Last week, I was thrilled to...
Eco- and Community-Friendly Development in Cameroon
By Ida Sophie Winter, HAF project managerDecember 9, 2015 The High Atlas Foundation trains government...
La Fondation du Haut Atlas reçoit le Représentant résident du PNUD dans la région d'Al Haouz
Le 10 décembre 2015 Cet article a été écrit et publié par le PNUD au...
Afternoon tea with Aisha
By Pommelien da Silva Cosme, HAF internDecember 3, 2015 HAF intern Pommelien joined HAF project...
Figuig: A troubled home for Morocco’s rarest date variety
By Ida Sophie Winter, HAF project managerNovember 27, 2015 The streets of Figuig are quiet...
Why giving matters
By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir, HAF presidentNovember 30, 2015 I wonder if we can measure, using...
Spanish translation volunteers needed!
Are you passionate about language and interested in expanding your translation skills? HAF is...
High Atlas Foundation Joins the #GivingTuesday Movement
Pledging to Fight Poverty and Marginalization in Morocco The High Atlas Foundation has joined #GivingTuesday,...
Meet Amina
November 24, 2015By Hannah Urtz The success of a non-profit depends largely upon its key...
Saffron season in the Ourika valley
November 19, 2015 The saffron season is almost over - but we were just in...
Students Learn How to Access Every Community Voice through the High Atlas Foundation
By Ida Sophie Winter, HAF Project ManagerNovember 16, 2015 On Friday November 13 2015, Yossef...
Ecological Footprint and Capacity-Building
November 13, 2015 The Ecological Footprint can be thought of as a tool for measurement...
Government-Approved Super Food: Threatened Moroccan fig cultivars may provide security to rural Moroccans
By Ida Sophie Winter, HAF Project ManagerNovember 11, 2015 Moroccan fig trees are a part of...
Unique English Teaching experience in Morocco
By Pommelien da Silva Cosme, InternNovember 10, 2015 In May 2015, HAF Development Director, Jacque...


  • Organic agriculture

    Organic agriculture

    HAF and communities, with the social enterprise High Atlas Agriculture and Artisanal (HA3), create initiatives that span the entire agricultural cycle – from nurseries and markets to the farming of certified organic raw and value-added products.
  • Youth


    HAF and community partners give Moroccan schoolchildren and youth access to greater educational opportunities by improving school infrastructure and increasing learning potential.
  • Clean drinking water

    Clean drinking water

     HAF successfully addresses water access challenges for rural communities and schools throughout Morocco.
  • Clean energy

    Clean energy

    HAF and community partners are developing several new sustainable innovations, such as the production of biomass briquettes. These clean energy alternatives provide creative solutions to Morocco’s toughest challenges.
  • Training


    HAF’s experiential training ensures sustainable access to knowledge and skills and focuses on the diffusion of these benefits throughout communities.
  • Women’s programs

    Women’s programs

    HAF projects work to combat the traditional socioeconomic marginalization of women by helping them identify their community needs and creating projects to achieve their goals.
  • Cultural diversity

    Cultural diversity

    HAF promotes intercultural partnerships and collaboration towards a common goal: sustainable human development.          
  • HA3: HAF’s social enterprise
     HAF’s award winning social enterprise covers the organic agriculture cycle from nurseries to market. Organic certification increases household incomes, and enables reinvestment into additional in human development projects.

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