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On March 14, beginning just after midnight at 12:01 AM (EST ‐ New York), online donations made to High Atlas Foundation (and all) projects on Global Giving will be matched at 30% (up to $1,000 per donor) until the designated $50,000 in matching funds runs out.

Organizations that receive the most donations and those receiving the largest number of gifts from unique donors will receive additional prizes, so even if this is not your usual time to think of giving support, your gift will be increased now IFyou make it late Tuesday night, just after midnight in New York City! (And, if you divide the donation between two of you, that will count as 2 unique donors.)

Please  visit  our  Global  Giving  project  pages to  see  what  a difference  your donation  can  make,  and then  choose  a  project  (or  projects)  to support!  Or, go directly to the project of your choice here:

As a donor on Global Giving, you will receive regular updates, photos  and progress reports from us, so we encourage you to give an email address in order to see the ripple effect from your contribution.
Just so you know:
Your donations make our work possible, and we at HAF greatly appreciate your continued support.