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Plant Trees in Morocco


United for trees!

We want to end rural poverty and every tree planted brings us closer! Since 2003 the High Atlas Foundation planted more than 3 million fruit trees in 23 provinces of Morocco and with your support we can increase this number on a massive scale.

$1 already enables a community to plant and take care of one tree. With your donation, we help uplift the lives of rural families and give energy to Morocco’s actions to address climate change and achieve its vision of a sustainable future!

Once you give, you can electronically receive a tree-certificate with your name, the location and number of trees planted on your behalf. You can also plant trees in the name of others and so give a very special gift.


Why we plant trees?

Morocco is among the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate change facing a variety of social and environmental challenges, including deforestation, soil erosion, desertification and limited water availability due to overexploitation of natural resources and climate change. Most people who experience poverty in Morocco live in rural areas. The urban-rural gap in poverty is large and growing.

Planting trees with HAF is a solution that addresses these issues: It mitigates the effects of climate change and prevents environmental degradation. It helps lift rural families out of poverty, as farmers will generate more revenue by planting high-quality fruit trees. HAF and its partners are also dedicated to value-added processing, certifying organic, and building the capacities of cooperatives toward commercialization of their products.

How we plant trees?

HAF facilitates participatory planning with communities, where local people determine the projects that we support. Benefiting farming families, cooperatives, associations, and schools identify the tree species, locations, and numbers that are planted. The trees are raised in nurseries that are community-managed, have certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, and that are in partnership with HAF. These are all key elements that enable sustainability.

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All at the High Atlas Foundation give heartfelt thanks to our major tree growing partners: Ecosia, the High Commission of Waters and Forests and the Fight Against Desertification, the United Nations Development Program, the National Initiative for Human Development, Foundation Credit Agricole for Solidarity and Development, FRÉ, and Moroccan cooperatives, associations, schools and communities all across the country.