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During the 2013 season, HAF planted in total 234,000 fruit seeds and saplings (inclduing also walnut and cactus) – the most HAF and its partners ever planted in one year.  This brings the total amount planted since 2003 to 692,500 trees.

From the 16thof February to the 23rdof April, HAF, along with primary school directors, teachers, and students, organized planting events that integrated children and their families. Fruit treeswere planted, including walnut, lemon, olive, almond, and pomegranate – all of which grow endemically.

The delegate of education in Al Haouz province participated in planting to show his support of Sami’s Project, which seeks to teach children about protecting and benefiting from the environment, improving quality of life, and building school infrastructure.  Sami’s Project, in memory of lovely Sami, also partners with local parent and environmental associations.

Together, the students and  staff school dug holesin their school plots and planted the trees, and HAF team members presented information about caring for trees.  The students prepared thoughtful theatrical scenes about environmental degradation caused by human misuse.  Some of the trees were planted in community gardens, while the majority of trees (varieties that local families identified) were given to the schoolchildren to plant in their family farm.

In March 2013, G4S North and West Africa, contributed 5,000 trees to Sami’s Project. Over 70 members of the G4S team visited schools in the Rhamna province over two Saturdays to plant these trees with school children and community members. G4S has voiced its commitment to continue to support Sami’s Project in the future.  HAF is also grateful to the OCP Foundation for support of human development projects also in Rhamna.  Of course, the combined support of hundreds of inviduals made a powerful difference.  Finally, we’d like to thank U.S. Consul General Brian Shukan for his visit to Sami’s Projet Site in Ait Talib commune of Rhamna.

Friends, time to break that 1 Million tree mark!


This chart summarizes the amount of trees planted and distributed in schools Rhamna and Al Haouz provinces.

Name of the school Commune Province Number of planted trees Number of distributed trees
Ouanskra Asni Al Haouz 35 31
Ibn Tachafin Aghouatim Al Haouz 18 291
Loualja Ait Ourir Al Haouz 50 300
Lbrabich Ait Talb Rhamna 40 120
Rhahla Ait Talb Rhamna 30 70
Lqsimat Ait Talb Rhamna 20 80
Lmaard Ait Talb Rhamna 10 100
Aarabat Ait Talb Rhamna 5,300 trees in total were planted at schools and distributed to kids
Lma Bard Ait Talb Rhamna
Lmrabtin Oulad Hssoun Rhamna
Sidi Kroum Oulad Hssoun Rhamna
Nouaji Lbrikyin Rhamna
Dar Talib Lbrikyin Rhamna
Moussa Ben Noussayr Benguerir Rhamna
Lhcen Ben Omar Zehraoui Benguerir Rhamna
Louahda Benguerir Rhamna
Lmassiira Benguerir Rhamna
Lhaj Hmed Diouri Benguerir Rhamna
Lfadila Benguerir Rhamna
Driss Lmhmdi Benguerir Rhamna
Ahmed Ibn Toufayl Benguerir Rhamna
Ouled Aalian Skhour Rhamna Rhamna
sidi Aazouz Skhour Rhamna Rhamna
Lmrabtin Hjjaj Lbrahla Rhamna

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