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Tree Monitoring in Errachidia Province

by Said Bennani, HAF Project Manager, and Mohamed El Kadiri, Tree Monitoring Officer

Mohamed El Kadiri, Mohamed Ben Yassine, and Said Bennani visited Errachidia province to monitor fruit trees that the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) planted there with local communities.

At the end of September, 12,000 fruit trees were monitored, as were 5,000 more in early October. This will be followed by a visit to Tinghir province to monitor the trees planted there.

More farmers want to plant trees with HAF in the coming planting season. Meeting the members of a local cooperative in Erfoud commune, we learned that they are interested in cooperating with HAF to build a date tree nursery there in Erfoud. We suggested that they contact the Agence Nationale de Développement des Zones Oasiennes (ANDZOA) and speak to the people of the commune and the other local cooperative; if they are all in agreement, we can write a formal proposal for a date tree nursery.

Errachidia province is considered a successful model this year for the successful growth of 31,000 fruit trees (grown well and in good condition) and the interest of the farmers in planting more trees next year.

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