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Safae Ben Kroum

Project Coordinator
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Safae Ben Kroum, Project Coordinator

Safae Ben Karroum is from Marrakech. After obtaining her baccalaureate in 2016, she joined the National Institute of Social Work of Tangier and graduated in 2019 as a social worker. The same year, Safae finished her studies with a professional license in management of social institutions at the Faculty of Legal, Economic, and Social Law, Moulay Ismail, Meknes. During her academic career, Safae did many field and volunteer trainings in a number of institutions and associations at the national level in the field of social work, such as the Social Complex, Bab Ghmat in Marrakech (May-June 2017), the Childhood Protection Unit in Marrakech (July 2017), the local prison in Tangiers (June 2019), the Islamic Charitable Association for the Elderly House in Tangiers (July 2018), the Lerchundi Spanish Center (March 2017 to July 2019), the Dar Al-Thiqa Association in Tangiers, the Tangiers Nursery Association, the 100% Mothers Association, the Childhood Protection Center in Marrakech, and the Court of First Instance in Marrakech. Safae joined HAF in 2021 as assistant to the project director.