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Ellen Hernandez

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Ellen Hernandez, Writer/Editor

Ellen was born in New York City in the United States. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Language from Binghamton University in New York in 1985 and a Master’s in Secondary Education and English Literature in 1987. She has been an educator since 1986 and has taught English at Camden County College since 1989. She visited Morocco in 2018 as a student of Arabic and a writer, publishing her poetry collection In Morocco:  رحلة امرأة أمريكية. After meeting HAF President Yossef Ben-Meir at the American Sephardi Federation in New York City in 2019, she traveled to Morocco in 2020 to volunteer with HAF in Marrakech. She welcomes the privilege to work with the entire HAF team to implement sustainable development projects. ellenhernandez@highatlasfoundation.org