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Amina El Hajjami

Director of Projects
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Amina El Hajjami, Director of Projects

Amina was born in the Al Haouz Province, near Marrakech. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in geography from Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech in 2012. While studying, she volunteered with associations in Marrakech and Al Haouz that were involved with local sustainable development. After graduating, she worked with Association N’fis pour le Developpment Economique et Social in the Al Haouz province for three years. While working with the association, she received various certifications relating to her professional development. Amina has been working with HAF since 2014, in establishing and supporting women’s cooperatives and associations and facilitating participatory project planning involving the whole community in a holistic process. She now oversees HAF projects in Morocco. amina@highatlasfoundation.org