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1.Fruit tree planting The High Atlas Foundation (HAF) with its community, government, and civil partners currently manages 11 organic fruit tree nurseries in 7 provinces of Morocco, all on land lent in-kind. These partners include: The High Commission of Waters and Forests, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Moroccan public-school system, the Moroccan Jewish


The purpose of the Empowerment Workshop is to enable participants to create the life they most want. It is considered one of the foremost personal growth trainings available. In addition, HAF aims to strengthen women as rights holders by providing tools to advocate and act on their needs and goals. Using three complementary activities, HAF


SAMI’S PROJECT FOR YOUTH AND SCHOOLS Inspired by Sami El Kouhen, who passed away at three years old amidst his struggle with cancer, the project maintains his admirable devotion and gratitude for the environment around him. Sami’s Project, initiated in 2011, seeks to enhance the education system by creating green spaces through supplying and planting


WATER Only approximately 60 percent of rural Moroccans have access to clean drinking water. Though this has increased from 14 percent in 1995, access to house connections and improved water sources has improved only slightly. Clean drinking water projects remain a top priority expressed by rural communities. Unhealthy drinking water causes alarmingly high infant mortality


PARTICIPATORY DEVELOPMENT TRAINING HAF applies the participatory method in all its projects, from start to finish. This is essentially a grassroots, “bottom-up” approach: local communities are both the initiators and the beneficiaries of any given initiative and they are fully engaged throughout the process. As such, the timing of meetings, project implementation, and of the


Morocco is home to a rich multicultural mosaic of languages, ethnicities and religions; both geographically and culturally, the Kingdom sits at a crossroads between Africa and Europe. In Morocco, cultural activities are to be advanced simultaneously and in tandem with human development. HAF and local communities are taking immediate action to preserve Morocco’s multicultural past