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Inspired by Sami El Kouhen, who passed away at three years old amidst his struggle with cancer, the project maintains his admirable devotion and gratitude for the environment around him. Sami’s Project, initiated in 2011, seeks to enhance the education system by creating green spaces through supplying and planting trees at local schools in predominantly rural communities.

The green spaces aim to transform students into environmental stewards, in which they cultivate a connectedness to their environment while building skills in innovative agricultural techniques to support them in their future endeavors. These agricultural skills include nursery management, organic certification, carbon offset monitoring, and product processing. The concentration on organic agriculture fosters an increasingly competitive market that generates sustainable revenue for local schools and families.

Sami’s Project also prioritizes school infrastructure improvements. Funds are allocated toward the construction of bathrooms and clean drinking water systems to promote waste management and health, organic tree and wild medicinal plant nurseries, school libraries, computer labs, community engagement rooms, and housing for teachers and students.

Results of Sami’s Project:

  • Approximately 35,000 trees planted with over 350 schools in 23 provinces in Morocco.
  • January-March 2018: 19,000 students across 156 schools in all 23 provinces planted 16,763 trees
  • Construction of one teacher’s housing unit at Mabard School, Rhamna province
  • Construction of clean water systems and bathrooms for 12 schools
  • Three classrooms in multiple communities including the Rhahla and Labrabish villages, Rhamna province