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Plant a Tree!

With the planting season just around the corner, it is time to call out – Plant a Tree. Our project goal for this initiative (which also includes potable water) is an ambitious $500,000. Benefits for communities involved in this project include income diversification and employment, ecosystem restoration, technical capacity building, diversification of household diets, the formation of local associations, and prevention of socio-economic dislocation and urban migration caused by international free trade.

To achieve this, we are working to create a broad international partnership. The projects we support are determined by communities, are often with women’s cooperatives, and are in partnership with Moroccan government and non-government groups.

We can each continue to play an important part in improving the lives of Moroccan families. Do you have time to volunteer and help create projects that enhance the lives of local people and build international friendship? Write to us and let us know. We will keep you informed of our activities and upcoming opportunities to make a difference for Morocco.

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